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About Us

Gyan –Vigyan Convent school is a new managed guide temple of “Gyan Vigyan Higher Secondary School Bilaigarh. It runs by “Gyan Prasar Seva Samity Raipur/
The foundation of the school was laid on 7th April 2003 . It is situated in Bilaigarh block,Raipur Chhattisgarh in India, near Giraudpuri Dham the birth place of the great sant Gurughasidas. Now the new District Sarangarh Bilaigarh. There are 1.5 hectares school campuse with a big infrastructure. The manufacturing is continue for the above 2000 thousand students in one time study.
A group of 45 teaching staff, 7 special looking cares and 2 guards besides peons are working. In running of twentieth years of the school we are going to start free computer class and smart English spoken education for all poor farmer's children regularly in different time of the school education.

The campus hosts all possible modern amenities which will provide learners a healthy learning experience.  G.V.C.  the new version of G.V.H.S.S. Bilaigarh is the brain child of its  visionary founder chairman Mr. R.S. Baghel and Guru late Mr. M.C. Sharma who put his heart & soul in effort to make this school one of the finest scientific modern teaching based educational  Institutions in Chhattisgarh.
Keeping his Legacy intact and as a tribute to the founder of the group the management of the school has expanded their horizons into various school in state of our Chhattisgarh but G.V.C. still remains closest to the heart of the management as every stone of this school still echoes the hard work ,triumphant cheers and uphill battles faced to make it the shining armor of education world.
In the modern age our school is a one hope of bright future for the poor child according to rules & regulations of R.T.E. our institute managed “Help poor fund.” Also to provide the all facilities with out any fee and gives concession for the brilliant scholars.

Gyan Vigyan Higher Secondary School (GVHSS) provide the highest quality education appropriate to the individual child’s needs and abilities in order to enable the child ambition of his /her life. So that they become a productive student and citizen for prosperous country. To develop the  following in students:

  • Efficient communication

  • Health, Hygiene and safety

  • Moral values and attitude

  • Equality for Humanity.

  • Becoming Lifelong learners

  • Sensible global Citizen.


The Gyan Vigyan Higher Secondary School  is committed in creating lifelong learners who will be the responsible leaders, citizens of tomorrow. To develop the special thoughts with great courage in villager's children so that they can be competative just like a genius or a talented person.We aspire to great global citizens who are innovative with a strong sense of values and to prepare them to understand and succeed in a rapidly changing society. Thus  making the world a better and more just place to live in with great humanity.

Babasaheb played a pivotal role in the drafting of the Indian Constitution and is widely regarded as its 'Father'. Born into the Dalit community, he faced social discrimination and exclusion but managed to excel in his academic pursuits. Ambedkar was a staunch advocate of social equality and individual rights and worked towards abolishing the Hindu caste system. He founded the Scheduled Castes Federation and played a crucial role in securing reserved seats for Dalits in the Indian Parliament. He passed away in 1956, but his legacy as a social reformer and advocate for social justice lives on.

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

“ Human’s are mortal .An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering . Otherwise both will wither and die.”

Our Four Strong Pillars:

  • Management Team  :  Well trained, versatile & experience holder management team works here. They observe always with open eagle eyes.
  • Advisors : Many years in school education qualified, experienced and dedicated persons are providing guide here.
  • Scientific modern Teaching methods & Tools :  Storytelling, Role play, Sports based Learning, Visual class, Instructional conversations, Science Text cards, word games, many scholars and researchers have proposed advanced idea and the claim that “Virtual teaching “scenarios or simulations can help to build a better understanding of subjects amongst students. So, our school follows all different proper methods always.
  • Honesty  : In modern age you can’t believe the words saying peoples each works bright only the light of honesty. Our school team has rich strength of honesty so that you can see the brightness of student life.
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